Turn over a new leaf in your business

CPA Financial Counseling to ensure an accurate state of financial affairs through proper bookkeeping practices, financial advice, and simple accounting services.
Fractional CFO Services to provide you the executive financial advice and oversight when your business needs it the most.
Strategic Consulting Services enable your company to take advantage of a team of professionals dedicated to improving your business.

It’s not luck that enables businesses to succeed.

It’s employing the proper strategies and financial foundations that encourage healthy growth and expansion—and seeking counseling when your current strategies are not achieving the desired results. 3 Leaf Financial helps business owners keep up with their expanding responsibilities while providing resources for success.

CPA Financial Counseling

For successful growth and expansion, a company must first have strong financial foundations. Ill-kept bookkeeping, improperly organized filings, and lack of financial control minimizes opportunities for market development and obscures the financial well-being of an organization. Through CPA-led counseling, businesses can adopt better practices and implement new avenues of financial tracking.
CPA Financial Consulting

Fractional CFO Services

Often a CFO consulting expert is viewed as one with experience as a Chief Financial Officer; 3 Leaf Financial considers them instead as a Comprehensive Financial Optimizer with professionally acquired experience. We provide businesses on the edge of growth an opportunity to expand and explore new financial gains by providing fractional CFO services and expert financial consulting.
Fractional CFO Services

Strategic Consulting

3 Leaf Financial Group is comprised of a vast network of professionals from all industry backgrounds—enabling us to provide valuable insights and perspectives on a multitude of business fronts. Our team has addressed dozens of corporate concerns including advanced revenue planning, identifying tax advantages, insurance brokerage, and corporate restructuring.
Strategic Consulting

Fractional CFO Services

Comprehensive Financial Optimization from an Experienced CFO Professional.

CFO Consulting

Most entrepreneurs and business owners start their business with the intent to keep some of the money they earn, grow the business and produce even more revenue, and eventually make a true impact in their market category, thus establishing longevity to stay in business for the long haul. Consulting with a third-party Chief Financial Officer with decades of experience in a multitude of industries can help your business overcome revenue strains, enter new markets, and revitalize your current market presence.
CFO Consulting

Fractional CFO Services

Growing to the point of needing directive leadership is an exciting turning point for any business. Identifying the right CFO for your business aspirations is as important as the services you provide. Our fractional, or interim, CFO service provides you with a knowledgeable and experienced financial advisor who can aid you in gently transition your company where it needs to be for a full-time in-house CFO, all while strengthening your financial foundations and processes.
Interim CFO Services

Where Can Your Business Be Improving

Helping businesses keep up with their growing demands and making the process easier.
Use Profits for Retirement
IRS Ready Financials
Weekly or Monthly Bookkeeping
CFO Professional Financial Advice
Reconciled Invoices
Transformation of Recordkeeping
Accurate Revenue and Expense Summaries
Business Plan Analysis
Time Management and Organization
Reinvented Success Metrics
Skilled Tax Preperation
Process Improvement
Increased Productivity
Financial Growth
Budget Analysis and Preparation
Internal Control Analysis and Review
Achieve Business Goals
Financial Projections
Payroll Reports to the IRS
Enhanced Market Perspective


How quickly will I receive my monthly accounts?
Upon receipt of all data, then we deliver within 10 business days.
What if I have not done bookkeeping for several months?
It is typical for small business owners to not keep all their numbers up to date. Therefore, among our team we will get your records up to date, usually in less than one week.
Can you incorporate a new business for me?
Yes, we can incorporate your business. Whether you need State Incorporation, a Federal EIN application filed, us to prepare an S-Election Form, need consultation on an entity type, or properly set up a partnership, we have the knowledge and experience to help you do the paperwork correctly.
What services does 3LF specialize in?
We offer bookkeeping expertise, CFO consulting, financial planning & review services, business growth & development assistance, and several others. The highest level of specialization we offer, however, is in business coaching. We want to make sure you reach your goals as a business and we collaborate closely to form a true partnership with each customer we take on.
Regarding your letter of engagement (contract), if I’m unhappy with things, can I leave?
Sure. The letter will stipulate that it is for a notice period of 15-30 days; and upon paying all outstanding fees, 100% of the data will be returned to the client.
How many customers have you served in this industry?
Over 500. Our founder and CEO brings extensive experience to the table on behalf of every client and he has faced many, if not most, of the situations your business may be facing now.
Can you help prevent me from being audited?
We offer you significant experience with audit prevention measures. We can teach you the ropes of organizing your accounting system in such a way as to dissuade IRS authorities from attempting to look closer. Also, we do things the RIGHT way!
Brian McHugh is the founder and CEO of 3 Leaf Financial. He started this company to provide opportunities for business owners to reach their goals and maintain a healthy financial outlook.


Accounting Technician 1979
Associate Chartered & Certified Accounting (ACCA) 1982
Fellow of Chartered & Certified Accounting (FCCA) 1987
FINRA Qualifications
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 2000
Interim CFO of Bailey’s Irish Cream
NEC Financial Controller
DEC Computing Multi-Division Consulting
20+ Years Serving Multiple Industries as CFO
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