CPA Financial Counseling

3 Leaf Financial provides an array of business services aimed at improving the financial health of our clients. Get trusted financial advice, planning, and implementation from certified financial experts without the added cost or stress of hiring and training a full time employee. 3 Leaf Financial helps for as long as we are needed and won’t overstay our welcome if our own financial advice gets your business back on track and operating efficiently.

Benefits of CPA Financial Counseling

Sound Investment

They key to financial success and making money is knowing where to best spend it. There are, have been, and will continue to be circumstances in which business owners attempt to manage their company’s financial structure on their own. In some cases, successfully; but in many more, a financial advisor would have been able to provide a better alternative to the current financial framework, including but not limited to, the business’ financial tracking system, invoicing, purchasing, inventory tracking, pricing, employee hiring, benefits, policies and practices, growth and expansion iniciatives, and succession planning.


Not only is CPA Financial Counseling a sound investment in itself, it can provide valuable information, financial planning, and investment advice on how to best grow and expand your business and help to ensure your company’s longevity in your industry.


CPA Financial Security provides financial security to your business by implementing better practices throughout your company. By improving your company’s financial tracking and habits and planning for proper growth, the right financial firm help you to secure the future of your business.

Our CPA Financial Counseling services include:


1) Implementing proper financial tracking systems

2) Managing invoicing and accounts payable

3) Reconcile financial accounts

4) Statement review and budget adjustment

Accounting Services

1) Federal, state, and local returns

2) Payroll management assistance

3) General ledger adjustments

4) Monthly and quarterly reporting

Financial Forecasting

1) Budget review and analysis

2) Forecast of the next quarter’s revenue potential

3) Set sales goals to reflect potential

4) Debt-to-Equity Comparisons

Financial Advice & Execution

1) Strategic tax planning

2) Asset allocation planning and restructuring

3) Investment and stock option planning

4) Improve general financial practices

Analyze your business and explore the benefits 3 Leaf Financial has to offer. Call (813) 842-1696 or send us a message below.

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