Tax & Revenue Planning

Importance Of Tax & Revenue Planning For Companies

Tax planning is the process of continually identifying potential tax credit opportunities during the course of conducting regular business as a means to reduce—or even eliminate—a business’ tax liability. Tax planning is a vital aspect of conducting business. Not only is it required at multiple levels (local, state, and Federal), proper tax planning can be highly beneficial for your company—maximizing returns and reducing your tax bill.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for most individuals as well as business owners to neglect the importance of tax planning until tax season rolls around and their accountant calls to make an appointment to obtain the records needed for filing.

Implementing Better Tax Habits

Tax and revenue planning should be on the forefront of all business owner’s minds. Meeting regularly with a CPA or other tax advisor should become commonplace on your monthly calendar. 3 Leaf Financial provides revenue and tax planning advice to businesses of all sizes. Our CPA tax advisors will show you how to take advantage of deductions, credits, and provisions for maximized tax benefits.

What does revenue planning have to do with taxes?

Revenue planning is a strategic way to review the profits, expenses, and loss of your company to see if they can be better implemented as a means to create tax benefits. Companies receive tax credits (what lessens the tax you could owe) for taking part in certain programs, providing certain services, purchasing select products or equipment, and covering the expense of certain services for employees—among many others. By electing revenue planning services from a tax advisor, you can learn of the many ways to spend your company’s revenue more effectively.
For example, if your company was looking to hire 50 new people next year, a tax advisor would be able to inform you that hiring (and doing the appropriate paperwork) from certain categories could qualify your business for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Contact 3 Leaf Financial at anytime of the year for revenue and tax planning—not just in the spring. We’ll help your business identify potential benefits and help you better plan for next years returns as well.

Analyze your business and explore the benefits 3 Leaf Financial has to offer. Call (813) 842-1696 or send us a message below.

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