Commerce and bookkeeping go hand-in-hand. Bookkeeping is vital for assuring the existence and survival of businesses within the market sphere. It is an essential practice for any commercial organization if you want to grow and make successive profits on your investments. Hence, a business should allocate some resources into having a bookkeeping system to ensure its proper functioning and monitoring of activities within the company.

That said, not every business (especially if small and new) can invest in a bookkeeping system or a financial management team right away—or they have the bookkeeping systems with the intent of keeping track of everything themselves, only to not have kept up with it as intended. The last thing you want is to stress out a new hire by having them attempt to clean up your bookkeeping mess. So, instead of hiring, and possibly losing, bookkeeping personnel and wasting resources to find someone to clean up, organize, and maintain the records of commercial transactions, you outsource the workload to a business specialized in such services—3 Leaf Financial.

We offer a multi-tiered bookkeeping service, comprising of:

Accounting Software
Financial Organization
Full-Charge Bookkeeping

These four elements together ensure that every detail of the company is monitored, recorded, and analyzed for your business to perform at its maximum capability.
Let’s have a look at each element.

Accounting Software

Gone are the days of keeping records in large piles of books. Today, most of the bookkeeping is done on software which is tailored to suit the particular needs of every individual business. Accounting software is a faster and more effective form of creating data records.

An accounting specialist will consult with you about your business, working out the specific requirements you need for improving or establishing your bookkeeping system. Further, your accounting specialist will work with the software program to input records and presents the information in the desired form.

Financial Organization

In many cases, 3 Leaf Financial steps in when a company’s financials are a mess. Invoice were not properly tracked, or orders were not accounted for. We create a functional process to implement based on the level of financial disarray that provides a simple way to organize your current finances while ensuring future transactions are properly tracked and filed.

Full-Charge Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper is thought of as an individual responsible with recording the credits and debits related to the financial transactions within an organization. However, there’s more to it. A full-charge bookkeeper handles various other aspects of financial flows than just credits and debits. They are capable of managing payroll, bank deposits, creating and maintaining numerous periodic reports (monthly, quarterly, or annually), and managing taxes. Moreover, bookkeepers can also help with comparing bank statements with internal accounts during audits.


A controller monitors and evaluates the bookkeeper’s record for accuracy. The keeps the alignment between the actual and recorded transactions; maintaining the integrity of the accounting data. Controllers help prevent unauthorized changes to these data records in the future, and they also help assess the records and notify of any issues that you might need addressing.

Hiring A Bookkeeping Service

When hiring a bookkeeping service through a third party, you have to ensure that you get the best returns on your investment. Meaning, you need to hire a team that boasts of strong professional background with ample training and experience to benefit from the service. After all, they are the people who will ensure that your company is financially healthy.

Businesses need a system for creating and maintaining financial details. This act is necessary to ensure survival along with assessing the growth of the company throughout the years. A bookkeeping service helps achieve this.

Bookkeeping services serve the purpose of handling the creation and maintenance of financial records within the organization, albeit for a small service charge. These services run the companies free from the hassle of setting up and maintaining their bookkeeping. Moreover, a third party bookkeeper also provides the additional benefit of tracking and assessing the records to point out the probable reallocation of resources to optimize productivity.

3 Leaf Financial is the answer to your business’ bookkeeping needs. With the financial knowledge and expertise, we can not only help your business get your bookkeeping started or under control, we can help you identify areas where you could potentially improve upon current practices, saving your company money.

Analyze your business and explore the benefits 3 Leaf Financial has to offer. Call (813) 842-1696 or send us a message below.

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