Fractional CFO Services

In the world of business most people know what CFO stands for: Chief Financial Officer. It is also a sign of a successful business; a company large enough to require the position of a dedicated financial advisor. A position that is needed, even for smaller business—which may be a surprise to many small to mid-sized companies. What many business owners don’t realize is that they need a CFO, someone to provide valuable (and sound) insight on where to spend money, how to best grow the company, and proper management of inventory, sales, and revenue. And they can do so without needing a full-time CFO. 3 Leaf Financial was founded to provide financial advice and services to the businesses that need it the most—those that don’t always realize how bad they need it. Our CFO services are considered to be ‘fractional CFO services’ in the industry; divided between providing CFO level advice with our CFO Consulting Services and Interim CFO Services.

Understanding Fractional CFO Services

Instead of looking at the CFO consulting expert as one with experience as a Chief Financial Officer consider them instead as a Comprehensive Financial Optimizer.

For the purpose of helping your business grow, let’s break down the meaning of that latest phrase: “Comprehensive Financial Optimizer”. Because this kind of function is what a business owner really needs from an outside expert.

First, let’s look at typical objectives behind starting a small enterprise

Most entrepreneurs started out with a new business to

1) try and keep some of the money they earn,

2) grow the business and produce even more revenue, and

3) eventually make a true impact in their market category, thus establishing longevity to stay in business for the long haul.

Here are some of the core competencies a CFO consulting expert from 3 Leaf Financial have in their repertoire so they can prove valuable to your business
Ability to make financial projections
Knowledge/experience to help you with cash flow forecasts
Perform loan analysis and negotiation
Help you better understand the financial side of your business
Assistance with preparing a budget and monitoring your spending patterns
Help with the development of company accounting procedure manuals
If you add staff in accounting down the road, the ability to help you train and manage that team
Perform a business trend analysis -with accuracy

Certainly, this is not a comprehensive list of what our Fractional CFO Consulting services have to offer. There are more tasks, problems to face, procedures to consider, and other financial concerns that we help leaders of a company address. For more detailed information on some of our Fractional CFO services, see below

Interim CFO Services
CFO Consulting
Corporate Restructuring
Financial Restructuring
Organizational Restructuring

Analyze your business and explore the benefits 3 Leaf Financial has to offer. Call (813) 842-1696 or send us a message below.

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