Run Your Payroll

Monitoring and controlling your in-house payroll system can be frustrating, time-consuming, and possibly inefficient. By consulting with the bookkeeping and financial planners of 3 Leaf Financial, you can ensure your business is well ahead of the rest with the best payroll systems and practices in place for a better managed process.

Our financial consulting firm can help your company to identify the right type of payroll services you need—whether it is just basic issuing of checks or a more in-depth system of time tracking, overtime review, and tax form processing. We review and identify your company’s specific payroll needs and match it with one of our payroll services, partners, or in-house establishment and structuring of a payroll system.

Small business can often outsource their payroll needs to a reliable payroll and HR partner while larger companies often receive more benefit from in-house HR and payroll management. If your business is growing or is a well-established medium to large sized business, we can help you to implement the following best practices with your newly structured payroll department:

Digital processing and storage of all HR forms, including onboarding paperwork, employee payroll setup, and employee classification.
Company-wide direct deposits on convenient paydays for faster distribution of employee paychecks.
Maintaining tax deadlines and submission requirements, including employee payroll deductions.
Ensuring proper and accurate Federal, state, and local tax withholding and filing.
Optional withholdings for group medical, dental, vision, and life insurances as well as HSA and FSA deductions.
Easy online access and monitoring for employees.
We can help you review and improve current practices, establish a new process, train your human resources and payroll team how to manage the new system, or connect you with a payroll management monitoring company to transfer your concerns to an experienced third party. Contact us today if your payroll system is no longer—or never has been—an effective process and you wish to improve your current process for optimal payroll management and tracking.

Analyze your business and explore the benefits 3 Leaf Financial has to offer. Call (813) 842-1696 or send us a message below.

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